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PVN-Index family is one of measurement scale reflecting business performance of PetroVietnam.

PVN-Index family, particularly in financial market, will better support effective capital mobilization channel for PVN and affiliates, when PVN is strengthening capital raising activities on domestic and international markets.

The index will support to enhance the transparency in business activities, management and information releasing of PVN and affiliates.

Through taking part in the index, companies will be required to publish specific information about financial situation and business activities. The publishing of these information on website of PVN-Index in two languages Vietnamese-English, and on prestigious financial channel like Bloomberg will create efficient information provision environment to domestic and international investors, and enhance the transparency.

PVN-Index family contains a wide range of index type, including tradable index (PVN-10). This is preparation step for investing in index products – an indispensable trend for Vietnamese stock market in the near future.

The development following international standards will help PVN-10 can easily become trading product with investor when SSC allows to trade new investment vehicles. Financial instruments on tradable index are expected to be efficient capital mobilization channel with PVN and its affiliates.

The index family is developed satisfying international standards, and expected to be acknowledged by international investor society.

The index family is developed following international standards to be highly representative and commercialized in international financial market, in particular:

  • Each index is calculated as both Price Return Index and Total Return Index.
  • PVN-Index is calculated both at End of Day and in Real Time
  • The index is calculated an converted to popular currencies to attract the interest of international investor. The foreign currencies used are USD, EUR, and JPY.
  • Stock selection in calculating index has to satisfy some requirements based on market capitalization and liquidity
  • PVN-Index use international industry classification license of ICBs (Industry Classification Benchmarks) from FTSE International Limited (UK) for companies in the index.
  • The information of index is published on Bloomberg with specific access code, and displayed in real-time time as equity index. This procedure bring back efficiency for international professional investor in tracking index movement

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