Intelligent Financial Research & Consulting (IFRC)


IFRC Datacenter

IREEDS and IFRC are developing an academic cooperative project in order to centralize in a single point of access to different sources and types of

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IFRC Vietnam Indexes

Intelligent Financial Research & Consulting (IFRC) is the First Index provider in Vietnam. We manage, maintain, calculate and disseminate about 1,000 primary Vietnamese Indexes.

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IFRC Sentiment & Fear/Greed indexes

The Fear & Greed index is an indicator of market sentiment. The index produces a reading between one and 100: from 0 to 20 represents very Fear (meaning people are selling) , 20 to 40 Fear, 40 to 60 Neutral, 60 to 80 Greed, and 80 to 100 Greed (meaning people are buying) .

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