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Artificial Intelligence Project DATA61/IREEDS

Artificial Intelligence by Area

AI Development Indexes

Project: Vietnam AI Development Indexes Huu Minh MAI    1st October 2021 Prime Minister has unveiled Vietnam’s ambitious artificial intelligence masterplan up until 2030: Vietnam’s 2030

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AI Education, Research & Publications

Journals, Publications, Conferences, Events, Schools, Associations, Hubs, Professors VIETNAM AI Vietnam Associations AI Vietnam Certificates AI Vietnam Conferences GLOBAL AI Journals, Publications AI Journals, Scimago

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AI Listed Products

International Stocks, Artificial Intelligence (252 companies, 22 Trillion $) International Artificial Intelligence Indexes IFRC Artificial Intelligence Indexes (288 indexes) Artificial Intelligence Funds, ETFs

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Vietnam AI Challenges

Factors driving AI Availability of enormous amounts of data (open data, historical data, intraday/tick data, …) Next-Generation Computing Architecture Advancement in innovations Competition drives efficiency

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Vietnam AI Jobs

AI Jobs Announces in Linkedin (Last Updated June 2022) 0 Vietnam 1 United States AI Enginees Annual Basic Salary (in USD) 0 Vietnam 1 United

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